Ice Cream Trivia

Did you know...

...  in 2021 we are 70 years old.

... The biggest ice cream sundae in history weighed just over 24 tons.

... Americans are the number one consumers of ice cream worldwide. They consume approximately 48 pints per person every year.

... 80% of the worlds vanilla comes from Madagascar.

... Elvis's favourite ice cream was a chocolate shake.

... The origins of ice cream are mysterious! We don't know when it was invented, or who invented it.

... One of Alexander the Great's favourite treats was snow flavoured with honey. This is one of the earliest recordings ever of ice cream.

... Sorbet was created before ice cream. It is theorized to have eventually evolved into ice cream in the 16th century.

... The first original sighting of ice cream in the Americas is in 1744! 

... Hippocrates, the father of the modern medicinal system, recommended patients eat ice cream to increase wellbeing!

... Before refrigerators were invented, storing ice cream was very expensive. Ice cream used to only be a treat for the richest of people.