Why choose a Merla Mae Burger?

The food industry in general, but especially the burger industry, is in a constant state of flux. As the demand for the classic hamburger grows worldwide, the means' of supplying such a product must change to meet the market. This process can often lead to low quality burger patties, patties which are oftentimes shipped over hundreds of miles to make it to your local restaurants. At Merla Mae, we prefer to take an old school approach to making your burger for you.

Merla Mae burgers are made with real beef from local farmers. Not only does this help stimulate economy on a local level, it also has many benefits for you, the customer! Our community partner, Superior Foods, uses our time-tested recipe to create our burger patties for us here in Thunder Bay. Because our burgers are all made for you right here in town, we can guarantee a fresh, great tasting burger. This is a taste only locally raised beef could produce!

Of course, a great burger is not just a great patty. The bun is of equal importance in a burger; having a bad bun means having a bad burger! This is why when we choose what buns to use for our burgers, we choose the most fresh and great tasting local options. Freshness is something that cannot come from outside Thunder Bay, which is why we utilize the experience and expertise that Bennett's Bakery & Deli represents. Every bun from Bennett's Bakery & Deli is made locally for us with no preservatives added. A fresh local bun, combined with a fresh local patty, guarantees a fresh local burger. This is the value you're getting when you choose Merla Mae!

We may be known for our ice cream, but we don't want to sell ourselves short. We're more than just the best ice cream too!