Dairy Free and Gluten Free

People choose to eat a dairy-free diet for numerous reasons. There are so many reasons to choose a dairy-free diet, whether it be for ethical reasons, religious reasons, or because of any allergies or any other similar dairy-sensitivities. It's our pleasure at 'Merla Mae to serve any customer, regardless of diet choice or allergies.

To accommodate such a common choice, we at Merla Mae also serve dairy-free and gluten-free sorbet alongside our ice cream. Our sorbet has the same freshness and great taste you can expect of our ice cream, but without the dairy or gluten! Our sorbet is authentic and ordered straight from Italy, so you know you're getting a quality product. It's important to note; however, that some of our sorbet ingredients contain soy proteins. For those with dairysensitivities, we do have dairy on the premises. Although most of our ice cream does not contain nut products, it's important to note that we also have nuts on the premises as well. As a welcomed customer it is up to you to use your best judgement regarding allergy issues.

Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any concerns. Our staff is' always willing to wash their hands before serving you to insure the minimum amount of ~isk regarding allergies. It is always our pleasure to serve you.