Gelato Cake Selections

Once you are making your own gelato in-house, it’s only natural to move beyond that too. Welcome to the Merla Mae Gelato Cake Selection. This has been a long time coming because there are some culinary and technical details to work out; but the the wait was worth it. Here are the current selections:

We make these gelato cakes and keep a very small number available each day to assure you of FRESH gelato cakes. So, if you drop by, we ordinarily have what you want; but to be sure, please call us and we can then reserve that gelato cake for you. We can make to order as well, again so you get exactly what you want, and we maintain the freshness of our gelato cakes.

Cakes are also avaliable  at the following locations:

Maltese Grocery
301 Pearl St.
(807) 344-5911

Fresco's Deli
116 Frederica St. E.
(807) 623-7799



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