Why choose a Merla Mae Burger?

The Burger Industry has changed so many times, and has experimented with many different formats. We are basically old world, and cater to people who appreciate and want the best !!

I am sure that you are not surprised to know that MERLA MAE Burgers are made with REAL BEEF. BUT did you know that Merla Mae uses only local products. The beef that goes into our burgers is from local farmers ! There are so many advantages to that, but we would like to impress up on you that we believe in a local economy. We shop here, and enjoy the fact that you shop here !!

As well, there is a certain value to being able to know exactly what ingredients go into your burger patties. While the meat and ingredients are mixed properly onsite, we use one of COMMUNITY PARTNERS (Superior Foods) to take our recipe and form the patties. They have the facility for that, and do an excellent job. The next time you are eating a burger, ask yourself or better still ask the vendor with whom you have just done business: "Where does your Beef come from? You might be very surprised or alarmed at what the answer might be.

But the there is more to a burger than a beef patty. It is of course important, but there is much more. For example, a burger bun should start with and ends with freshness. Once again, freshness can not come from outside of Thunder Bay. It just has to be local. We have decided to go with the experience and expertise that Donato's represents.

Every bun is locally handcrafted fresh for you. We get our buns from a multiple generation family of Bread Making Artisans company (Donato's Bakery). They were Artisans before this was important. There are no preservatives in the bread. There is only the honesty of a Bread maker doing their best to serve you the best. What else can start and finish a Merla Mae Burger???

There is truly SIGNIFICANT value when you choose Merla Mae !!

Do remember, our expertise is the BEST Ice Cream in town, but we are more than the BEST Ice-cream too.