Dairy Free and Gluten Free

There are people who want dairy-free products because they may have: chosen to be vegan, or perhaps they have a mild allergy to dairy, or have a sensitivity to the proteins found in dairy products. For vegans, they avoid all animal products, including eggs and dairy, for a variety of reasons, including health, religious or ethical views. So, for those people, the Merla Mae gelatos are an option to consider.

At Merla Mae our gelatos are dairy and gluten free. But please take note that some of the gelato ingredients contain soy proteins. For those who have issues or allergies to dairy, we do have dairy on the premises. Many of our ice creams do not contain any kind of nut products, but once again, we do have nuts on the premises. As a welcomed customer it is up to you to use your best judgement in regards to allergies issues.

Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any concerns. It is always our pleasure to serve you.